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Every course in our catalog was thoughtfully designed by one of our ReelDx Faculty members to fit your learning objectives. From teaching your students the foundations of the circulatory system to developing their ability to accurately interpret a patient’s vital signs, we have courses that can help you achieve your goals.

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Taking Patient History 1.1
Foundations of Gastroenterology
Introduction to Outpatient Medicine
Family Medicine
Foundations of the Endocrine System
Introduction to Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Foundations of Dermatology
Foundations of Hematology and Lymphatics
Foundations of Cardiology
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Keith Melvin, a ReelDx cusomer

Kevin Melvin

EMS Simulation Specialist - Mid-State Technical College

"I use ReelDx in order to hone the assessment skills of our EMS students. The videos allow medical conditions in a book to come to life through the actual patient experience. The library is robust and the system is easy to navigate. Students love the video cases because they can apply their assessments to real situations."
A nurse speaking with a patient

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