ReelDx Skills

Build Clinical Skills Without the Clinic

Assign any of our 700+ cases to train students on SOAP note-taking, SBAR, EKG interpretation, Vital Signs Interpretation, or a custom assessment of your creation.

Giving Feedback on Clinical Skills Has
Never Been So Easy

Get your students ready for the clinic by letting them practice on real patient video cases. Students can build real clinical skills and get direct feedback from faculty through the platform. Our skills include:

SOAP Notes
Document a patient encounter using SOAP, OLDCAARTS, or another acronym
Use a real patient case to learn the art of an effective SBAR
Vital Sign Interpretation
Learn to assess normal, abnormal, and life-threatening values
Custom Skill
Design your own question or assessment for your students
Differential Diagnosis
Propose possible conditions and a likely diagnosis
EKG Interpretation
Coming Soon
Learn to analyze images of real patient EKG's
Ultrasound Interpretation
Coming Soon
Learn to interpret ultrasound findings in the context of a real patient case

Brent Norris, MPAS PA-C

Associate Professor - Pacific University Physician Assistant Studies

“My use of ReelDx has evolved from just classroom use to making asynchronous assignments to students, to integrating into our simulation and clinical experiences. Being able to demonstrate certain procedures, diagnostic studies, and other things help students visualize how these work in the real world. This is one of the best ways I’ve found to bring a real clinical encounter into the classroom. Students really value having these real-world observations throughout their education.”

How it works:

Assigning a skill to one of our cases allows faculty to gauge whether students have learned the right lessons from the clinical encounter. Faculty can even grade the submissions right in the platform to allow students to make progress asynchronously.


Either you choose the ReelDx cases to cover, or we'd be happy to pre-load a collection into your account for you.


Choose the Skills - SOAP, SBAR, whatever you'd like your students to complete.


Set the due date for the assignment (or you can leave it blank).


Review student submissions and -optionally - provide feedback.

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