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Benefits for Institutions Who Help with Case Contribution

You Own
the Cases

You grant ReelDx a worldwide, perpetual license to the cases, but you own them. You can use these cases - and the ReelDx platform - to help train healthcare professionals, to provide quality control, or any other use case.

Patients Love

We’ve collected 700 cases and counting, and no patient or caregiver - ZERO over the past 9 years - has withdrawn consent. We’ve consistently found that patients and their families have a strong and sustained desire to play a role in improving medical education.


We’ll train your staff on best practices for case collection and give them training on how to use the technology. Plus, we’ll meet with your staff on a regular basis to review progress and provide support.

Dr. David Spiro

Professor of Pediatrics
University of Arkansas

"I think this is a great opportunity to get involved with an emerging technology. It will make you a better practitioner, a better educator, and allow you to contribute meaningfully in a way that will make you feel really good about the work that you do."

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ReelDx Faculty FAQs

Is ReelDx HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. This is critically important to us, as a business, of course, but even more so as a provider-based organization with a commitment to the highest ethical practices. Our technical and legal requirements, combined with our case-acquisition and management processes, ensure HIPAA compliance.

Why do patients participate in this project? Aren’t they worried about privacy?

Patients participate with informed consent. Each of our case contributors has a careful conversation with patients and/or caregivers about their rights and options if they consent to be filmed. Among their protected rights, filmed patients have the right to withdraw consent at any time, and we will remove their video case from ReelDx. We also ensure that no protected health information is associated with a video case, such as names, medical record numbers, etc. It’s worth noting that we have never had a patient or caregiver withdraw consent, and close to 100% of patients who are asked, consent to be filmed. We have consistently found that patients and their families have a strong and sustained desire to play a role in improving medical education.

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