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The Story of ReelDx

Powerpoint doesn’t feel like the clinic.  Dr. David Spiro, a pediatric emergency professor, found himself trying to teach his Yale medical students about real patient cases, but of course, they didn’t feel real.  So he got permission from both the school and his patients to start capturing the patients’ stories and showing them in class.  Students loved being able to put a human face on the conditions and diagnoses they were learning in textbooks. And thus, ReelDx was born.

Over the past decade, ReelDx has evolved from being the Netflix of patient-provider interactions - with over 700 cases - to a robust learning platform. With asynchronous courses, homework assignments and more, institutions can now integrate real patient cases in all aspects of their curriculum. And our case library has expanded beyond the initial cases from the emergency department to include…

Oct 2012

ReelDx was founded by Dr. David Spiro and William Kelly.

Apr 2014

ReelDx expands case creation by partnering with Yale New Haven hospital, Oregon Health and Sciences, the University of Louisville, and others.

Nov 2015

The ReelDx Library reaches 500 published cases.

Sep 2016

ReelDx partners with Relier.io to create an improved platform for the ReelDx library.

Mar 2020

Demand for ReelDx surges as institutions scramble to find ways to get students access to patients during lockdown.

Sep 2021

ReelDx hires long-time educator, Rob Humbracht, to take over as CEO.

Dec 2021

ReelDx launches ReelDx Skills, an innovative way for students to practice SOAP notes, differential diagnosis, and other clinical reasoning on top of the real patient video cases.

May 2022

The ReelDx platform introduces LMS integration with Canvas and Blackboard.

Nov 2022

ReelDx launches their Course Catalog, providing educators with an out-of-the-box solution to assign cases, assess student knowledge, and provide.


ReelDx has partnered with organizations in the fields of nursing education, physician assistant program, and EMS training to create a more robust learning experience for students.

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