Real patient video cases for medical education

ReelDx takes you into the clinical exam room, on demand, to see new patients any time you like. Medical professionals produce the cases with real patients — they're never staged or simulated. See as many patients as you need to become the clinician you want to be.

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Don’t let yourself be limited to the cases you happen to see in-clinic. With ReelDx you can experience a broad range of cases, any time you like. Get ready for whatever the real world throws your way.

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Inspire your students with real-patient case studies on video. Your students will be more focused and engaged. Nothing beats seeing a patient in-person, but ReelDx videos are the next-best thing.

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We know you have a million ways to get CME, but very few are this relevant to your practice, or this engaging. Plus, if you’re working with residents or students, ReelDx gives you vivid teaching material to enhance their clinical experience and acumen.

Features of ReelDx

  Real patient/clinician encounters filmed with full consent

  Peer-reviewed by leading physicians

  Rapidly growing libraries

  Relevant training at any stage

  CME available for each case


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