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Build Clinical Confidence

There’s never enough clinic time to learn everything you should.  Use our real patient video cases to build your skills, knowledge and confidence so that you’re prepared for all that lies ahead.

Stephanie Humberd, a former student who used ReelDx

Stephanie Humberd

Student - School of EMS

"I think ReelDx is a fantastic program and it was something that was very beneficial to those of us who were unable to get all of our clinical hours due to COVID pandemic."

Enhance Your Courses with ReelDx Skills

You can assign any of our ReelDx Skills for your students to complete to help them build clinical reasoning skills. Don’t see the Skill you want to assign? Use our Custom Skill to create any kind of assessment you’d like.

A selection of clinical skills assessment activities


My school requires me to use ReelDx in some of my classes. What’s the best way to purchase access?

If a ReelDx subscription is required by your school, the price of your subscription has been discounted because of your institution’s partnership with ReelDx. You should receive an invite from your institution to join, which will then take you to a paywall where you can purchase access at the discounted price. If you haven’t received your invite, contact your instructed to request that they send it.

Can I get a free trial of ReelDx?

Absolutely, we would be happy to give you an opportunity to preview ReelDx! If you're an individual wanting to get access to our real patient video case library for independent study, you can purchase a license with a free 2-week trial here.

Will ReelDx automatically renew my subscription?

Yes, your ReelDx account will automatically renew so that you can continue to enjoy our growing library of real patient video cases without interruption. For Individual Plan subscribers, you will receive an email reminder that your subscription is renewing 7 days prior.

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Build Clinical Confidence