Foundations of Hematology and Lymphatics


This course provides an introduction to several common conditions related to the Circulatory system


Case 001
3m 17s
956 | Acute Onset, Chest Pain and Dyspnea with Underlying Sickle Cell Anemia
1 min 24 sec
697 | Hemophiliac presents with knee pain and edema
1 min 4 sec
666 | Fever, emesis, poor urine output, altered mental status
1 min 44 sec
424 | Acute onset, epistaxis
0 min 51 sec
326 | Rash, abdominal pain and joint pain
1 min 35 sec
304 | Left leg pain and edema
1 min 50 sec


The Foundations series from ReelDx provide handpicked patient cases to facilitate a student’s learning in a particular field of medicine. They are meant to represent some of the most common conditions and diseases that a provider may encounter in relation to a particular organ system. Both adult and pediatric cases have been provided. By the end of the course, students will have a basic understanding of some common conditions in a particular organ system and how they are diagnosed and treated appropriately.

Curriculum Alignments

ANP - Advanced Pathophysiology
ANP - Clinical Management of Pediatrics
PANCE - Cardiovascular System
PANCE - Hematologic System
PANCE - Dermatologic System
PANCE - Gastrointestinal System/Nutrition

Learning objectives

What’s included

Badges earned (coming soon)
skills earned
ReelDx Skills learned (coming soon)

Course Author

Dr. Christopher Behringer
ReelDx Faculty