We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 most-viewed video cases by Physician Assistant programs. These 5 cases span a broad variety of topics, including gout, pneumothorax, tremors, pancreatic cancer, and papilledema.

Top 5 PA Video Cases:

1. #769 | Two weeks of joint pain, new hand nodules

This international case is presented in Spanish with English subtitles. The patient arrives to the emergency room with two weeks of severe pain on finger joints plus white nodules over the 2nd, 4th finger of the left hand, right elbow and toes. It is an excellent resource to teach your students about symptoms and treatment of gout.

2. 529 | Acute onset dyspnea after sustaining chest wall trauma

This patient is diagnosed with pneumothorax after sustaining chest wall trauma in a bicycle crash. It includes ultrasound scans as supporting media. A key teaching point in this case: ultrasound was far more sensitive for pneumothorax than radiographs.

3. 775 | Acute onset, right sided leg and arm tremors, anxious appearing

A 62 year old female presents with nausea, emesis, and tremor. This case includes a list of differential diagnoses, the patient's actual treatment, and a follow-up interview with the patient 6 months later.

4. 528 | 'Dark urine,' painless jaundice and scleral icterus

This patient was jaundiced but hadn't noticed it. He had no pain, and his vital signs and physical exam were normal except for the jaundice. This case video shows the bedside ultrasound which revealed biliary ductal dilatation indicating obstructive jaundice, with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

5. 755 | Acute onset, intermittent headaches and blurred vision of the right eye

A patient presents with intermittent loss of vision right eye and intermittent headaches, referred from his optometrist for bilateral optic disc edema. This case includes ultrasounds as supporting materials and offers a long list of differential diagnoses.

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Lisa Rezendez