Using Patient Video Cases in Online Class Discussions

Back in November 2022, we had the opportunity to present during a NAEMSE webinar, and were fortunate to be joined by Ted Lee, Program Director for the EMS program at MSSU. In this clip from that webinar, Ted explains how he uses patient video cases (PVCs) in online class discussions in his LMS system.


Ted's Tips for Using PVCs in Online Class Discussions

1. Assign a ReelDx case forstudents to watch.

2. Create a discussion questionfor students to answer in your LMS.

3. Require students to post theirown discussion answers before they can view posts made by other students. Thenhave them respond to 1-2 other students’ posts.

4. After all initial and responseposts have been made, have the entire class discuss responses as a group.

A nurse speaking with a patient

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