Prepping for Simulation Using Patient Video Cases

Back in November 2022, we had the opportunity to present during a NAEMSE webinar, and were fortunate to be joined by Ted Lee, Program Director for the EMS program at MSSU. In this clip from that webinar, Ted explains how he uses patient video cases (PVCs) to prep his students for simulation activities. He also talks about how he uses the combination of PVCs and simulation to fill in some of the missing patient contacts his students need to meet CoAEMSP requirements.

Ted's Tips for using PVCs in Simulation Activities

1. Pair your simulation scenario with a similar ReelDx case.

2. Have your students begin the simulation by viewing the case video.

3. Ask students to assess the scene presented in the video and list their priorities.

4. Move students on to the simulators/task trainers to perform the skill you want them to learn based on the ReelDx case video.

A nurse speaking with a patient

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