Online EMS Class Demo Using ReelDx

Leslie Foust of Central New Mexico Community College gives a live demonstration of best practices for using real patient video cases to simulate and observe clinical experience in the virtual classroom. For the demonstration, Leslie is joined by two of her EMS program students to provide a glimpse into how she uses ReelDx patient video cases in her teaching curriculum.

About Leslie

Leslie Foust has been an educator for over 25 years. Leslie currently works as the EMS Clinical Coordinator and full-time EMS faculty member at Central New Mexico Community College. Leslie has worked in the field of emergency medicine for 19 years in metro, rural, and hospital settings, and during that time held positions of critical care paramedic, training officer, field operation supervisor, and QI/QA officer. Leslie earned her BS in Education degree from UNM in 1993, and is currently completing her Master of Education degree from Western Governors University with an emphasis in instructional design.

A nurse speaking with a patient

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