Active Learning Using Video Content

The more we hear from our educational subscribers about the way they are combating changing learner trends, what becomes unbelievably apparent is how they rely on active learning strategies to better engage students. These can range from student lead discussions, to Socratic questioning, to breakout groups and countless others. While many have cited multimedia as an extremely effective way to engage students, videos, in particular, have a perception of creating a passive learning environment.

Having said that, many of our subscribers have being using ReelDx's real patient videos to create an active dialogue and discussion in their classrooms. In an article titled, "Videos in the Classroom: Is That Really Active Learning?" by Irma Sandercock, she points out some of the ways people are using video to create active learning:

  • Video to guide lessons and power points.
  • Video as a springboard for in-depth course discussions.
  • Video as a springboard for critical thinking.
  • Video as a way to strengthen online research while driving conceptual understanding.

How are you introducing active learning into your courses? Do you find that video is an effective way to engage your students? Let us know what you think! We'd love to hear from you.

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