ReelDX Skills Has Gone Custom!

Now you can build any custom Skill you want! Design your own question, put it in a case, and let your students answer it.

The sky is the limit with this new Skill - evaluate or inform your students in any way you want! Tailor it to your program's specific assessment guidelines, ask your own questions, or add notes to the case with this new feature.

Here are just a examples of how it can be used:

  • OLDCART assessment
  • CHART method of documentation
  • Scene safety assessment
  • X-Ray interpretation
  • Ask what students would have done differently than the practitioners in the video

Let Us Help You Get Started!

Not sure how to use our ReelDx Skill feature? We have a helpful step-by-step guide available to walk you through assigning the Skills, how your students can complete and submit them for review, and how to evaluate their responses and provide feedback.

Let Us Help You Get Started!
Lisa Rezendez