Introduction to Inpatient Medicine

Family Medicine
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This course has been designed to introduce students to the basics of treating patients in an Inpatient setting


Case 001
3m 17s
874 | Vaginal bleeding and lightheadedness
2 min 41 sec
755 | Acute onset, intermittent headaches and blurred vision of the right eye
2 min 8 sec
572 | Acute Onset, progressive rash
1 min 59 sec
528 | "Dark urine", painless jaundice and scleral icterus
1 min 47 sec
266 | Chronic Onset Facial droop and left arm weakness
2 min 5 sec
264 | Shortness of breath, lower leg edema
1 min 16 sec


The Full Scope Care: The Outs and Ins course has been specially designed to be an introduction to providing care to patients in the Outpatient, Emergency Room, and Inpatient setting. This portion of the course introduces students how to effectively take care of patients in the Inpatient setting to manage both acute and exacerbations of chronic conditions.  These cases can be used to teach students how to either manage a patient appropriately as a hospitalist, or to properly consult or transfer. By the end of this course students will have learnt about some common conditions seen in the Inpatient setting and how to appropriately evaluate and treat the patient.

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Dr. Christopher Behringer
ReelDx Faculty

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