Webinar: Real Patient Video Cases to Enhance Clinical Simulations

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ReelDx partnered with Healthy Simulation to present this free, 1-hour webinar illustrating how real patient video cases can be used to enhance clinical simulations. You can view the recording of the presentation below.

The ReelDx library features over 700 real patient video cases. Each case is produced by a medical professional and features real patients in actual clinical or pre-clinical settings. Cases feature video, patient demographics and history, diagnostic results, suggested differential, final diagnosis, and notes from the contributor and the medical editorial board. These cases can be used to enhance simulation experiences for students. Cases can be assigned in advance of a simulation to prepare the student, or after the simulation to offer compare/contrast exercises. Coupling real-world case-based instruction with simulation experiences will enhance educational value compared to simulations alone.

  1. Participants will understand how real patient video cases can connect a student's experience in the simulation with the real world.
  2. Participants will learn to apply real patient video cases to challenge their students' newfound knowledge through the simulation.
  3. Participants will be able to create simulation and real-patient video case experiences to deepen student understanding.

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