ReelDx Educator Vodcast Episode 1: Using Real Patient Videos for Fundamental Skills Training

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In this episode, Dr. Behringer will introduce educators to  innovative and interactive ways of using ReelDx cases in a live classroom setting. He'll illustrate how patient video cases (PVCs) are a flexible tool for teaching fundamental clinical skills, such as taking a patient history and determining a differential diagnosis. By the end of the session, educators should feel comfortable applying the information learned in the  session to be able to help facilitate learning in their own  classrooms.

Featured Case

264 | Shortness of breath, lower leg edema

An 82 year old female patient presents with dyspnea, leg edema, and wheezing. Patient has a history of MI 12 years prior, dementia, anxiety, sleep apnea, aortic stenosis, and tricuspid regurgitation. This was a challenging case for the EM provider as he was evaluating whether this was a COPD exacerbation or worsening congestive heart failure.

About ReelDx Educator Vodcast

Do you like the idea of using patient video cases (PVCs) in your curriculum, but you're not sure where to start? Let us help you out! Each episode will feature a healthcare educator walking you through their tried-and-true techniques for using this engaging new tool.

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