Reel Emergency #8 - Intracranial Emergencies, Part Two

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Watch as EMS clinicians stabilize a very sick patient who was struck by a car while riding his bicycle. Pay close attention to their management of his injuries, their impressive teamwork and how quickly they establish a definitive airway and administer blood products. Spoiler alert� the patient survived this traumatic crash and was reunited with his EMS crew.
Join Drs. Antevy, Spiro and Piehl who review this case with special guest Amber Rice, an Emergency Medicine Physician at the University of Arizona and a part of the TBI EPIC Study team in Arizona. Also joining is Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD, Prodigy�s new medical director.

About Reel Emergency Vodcast

Reel Emergency covers the latest evidence with real cases in emergency and critical care medicine. Produced in partnership with ReelDx, Handtevy and 410 Medical. CE available from Prodigy EMS at

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