Reel Emergency #6 - EMS Management of Patient with Excited Delirium

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Watch as EMS and law enforcement take care of a man who was found in public jumping on top of cars and exhibiting aggressive and paranoid behavior. He says he has used methamphetamines, and he is profoundly diaphoretic and hyperthermic when EMS encounters him. Managing these patients is difficult and complicated and ketamine and other sedatives should be considered carefully. Drs. Peter Antevy, Mark Piehl, & David Spiro and special guests Drs. Ken Scheppke, Jeffrey Bernstein and Doug Kupas as well as Doug Wolfberg join to evaluate provider-captured EMS video of this case.

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Reel Emergency covers the latest evidence with real cases in emergency and critical care medicine. Produced in partnership with ReelDx, Handtevy and 410 Medical. CE available from Prodigy EMS at

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