Reel Emergency #13 - Heat Related Emergencies

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Check out real footage from the medical tent at the end of a 7-mile road race in Mass.  You'll see multiple runners being treated for hyperthermia.  They are treated effectively and rapidly in an ice bath.  Keep your eyes out for how these protocols could be applied to your own practice in EMS.  We are joined by subject matter experts in event medicine: Chris Troyanos is the owner of Sports Medicine Consultants, Inc. His team has provided care at road Races including the Boston Marathon for 44 years. John Jardine is an EM Physician in RI and Chief Medical Officer at the Korey Stringer Institute at UConn.

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Reel Emergency covers the latest evidence with real cases in emergency and critical care medicine. Produced in partnership with ReelDx, Handtevy and 410 Medical.  CE available from Prodigy EMS at

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