Enhance Simulation Activities with Real Patient Video Cases

See how programs are pairing real patient cases with simulations for better outcomes.

Simulation Meets Real Patient Experiences

Real patient video cases provide real-life scenarios to model simulations after, making more realistic and effective teaching tools. ReelDx better prepares students to work with real patients and expands their clinical reasoning before they begin working with patients.

You can enhance your didactic lessons using real patient videos through:

  • Preparation: Design simulation scenarios around a ReelDx case and have students review the case to prep for the activity.
  • Reflection: Present similar real patient cases after the simulation to demonstrate the breadth of possible outcomes they may face in the real world.

Enhance Simulations With Real Patient Videos

ReelDx recently partnered with Healthy Simulation to present a free webinar illustrating how real patient video cases can be used to enhance clinical simulations. You can view the recording of the presentation below.

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Lisa Rezendez