Boost Didactic Learning with Real Patient Video Cases

See why programs are turning to ReelDx to enhance their didactic activities.

With access to real patient cases on-demand, students don’t have to wait until clinical rotations to be exposed to real patient encounters. They can start benefiting from real patient experiences in their didactic years.

And, ReelDx can increase the number of cases your students are exposed to, with a broad variety of conditions, demographics, and settings.

You can enhance your didactic lessons using real patient videos through:

  • Lectures: Insert real patient videos into your lectures to bring case studies to life in your classroom.
  • Discussions: Present a ReelDx case during class to guide clinical reasoning discussions, or assign the case as independent viewing for a flipped classroom activity.
  • OSCEs: Have students demonstrate clinical skills like physical exam findings and observation of examination techniques using ReelDx video cases.

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Lisa Rezendez