Reel Emergency Episode #11 - Managing Junctional Hemorrhage

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This case shows footage from a police officer’s body cam as he manages the first critical minutes of a stabbing.  Watch as he treats the patient’s wound and manages the scene until EMS arrives.  The wound is in the hip and groin area, a spot where it is extremely difficult to gain control of the bleeding. This patient also happens to be receiving CPR from his wife, who is being instructed by the dispatcher.  You'll also view an incredibly helpful cadaver dissection to explain the A&P of the pelvic girdle.

Join Drs. Antevy, Spiro and Piehl who review this case with special guest Zach Dunlap, Clinical Education Specialist at 410 Medical, Inc.

Reel Emergency covers the latest evidence with real cases in emergency and critical care medicine. Produced in partnership with ReelDx, Handtevy and 410 Medical.  CE available from Prodigy EMS at

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