PAEA Education Forum 2020

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ReelDx was thrilled to have the opportunity to present at the 2020 PAEA Virtual Education Forum! The event aims to bring innovative solutions to PA educators across the country. For the Forum, we teamed up with Joe Gilboy and Stephen Pasquini from Smarty PAnce to present during two of PAEA’s Solution Circle talks to discuss some new ideas for approaching one of the biggest issues facing PA educators today; teaching during COVID-19.

Solution Circle 1 – Solving for COVID-19: Supplement Clinical Rotations with Real-Patient Video Cases

The COVID-19 Pandemic has made clinical hours a challenge for PA students. ReelDx Real-Patient video cases allow students to observe clinical scenarios anytime/anywhere. Experienced PA-C and PA educator Joe Gilboy will lead a discussion about enhancing clinical experience using ReelDx.

Solution Circle 2 –  Improve Engagement, Learning Outcomes, PANCE Preparation with Real-Patient Video Cases

ReelDx’s library of Real-Patient video cases give special insight into real- world medical situations. With decades of experience as a PA-C and PA educator, Joe Gilboy will lead a discussion about how using ReelDx Real-Patient video cases deepens student understanding of real-world situations like what they’ll encounter in their practice.  A real patient video case is more engaging and memorable than a traditional case write-up.

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