2022 NAEMSE EMS Educator Symposium

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Join us August 2 - 7 in Louisville, KY for the 2022 NAEMSE EMS Educator Symposium. ReelDx team members, Rob Humbracht and Dr. Chris Behringer, will be on site at booth 304 in the Exhibitors Hall to answer any questions you may have about implementing real patient video cases into your curriculum.

Also, don't miss ReelDx CMO and co-founder, Dr. David Spiro, as he presents on the value of using case-based, real patient videos to help develop clinical skills.

Clinical Skill Development Using Case-Based, Real Patient Video Content

Friday, August 5 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Presented by Dr. David Spiro

Often the assessment of skills can be difficult, and repetitive using static models. This interactive session will highlight a case-based, real patient learning management platform designed to assess EMS skills both for the pre and post-clinical learner.

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