PA Rotation Block

Physician Assistant
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Upon completion of this course, students will have been exposed to a variety of common conditions and been tested on their clinical reasoning and decision-making.


Case 001
3m 17s
912 | Acute onset, right hip pain
1 min 39 sec
70 | Acute onset fever, sore throat and rash
0 min 55 sec
996 | Acute onset, sharp and pleuritic chest pain on the left side
1 min 44 sec
531 | Acute Onset Cough with history of fever and intercostal retractions
1 min 2 sec
480 | Lesion on fingertip, concern for self-harm
1 min 1 sec
995 | Acute onset, diffuse abdominal pain radiating to the back
2 min 18 sec
490 | Acute onset, vesicular rash
1 min 6 sec
787 | Weight loss and food refusal
2 min 46 sec


How do you supplement the in-person clinical rotations of future PA’s with patient video cases that round out their knowledge? That’s the essence of this course, which comprises 8 cases designed to build the clinical reasoning of PA’s progressing through the second semester of their clinical year. Questions in this course are mostly free response, which allows students to write their own answers to such questions as:

  • What additional questions would you ask her at this time? (think OPQRSTA)
  • What is in your differential diagnosis? Select up to 4 correct answers
  • What blood test is important to order at this time given her medical history?
  • Which consults would you order as part of your admit orders on this patient?

Learning objectives

  • Practice your patient interviewing skills by identifying relevant questions to ask
  • Test your awareness of the urgency of specific vital signs
  • Build a differential diagnosis for each patient video case
  • Assess your knowledge of common tests and their appropriateness to the cases at hand
  • Start to create treatment plans for follow-up care

Curriculum Alignments

PANCE - Eyes, Ears, Nose, and Throat
PANCE - Infectious Diseases
PANCE - Psychiatry/Behavioral Science
ANP - Clinical Management of Older Adults
ANP - Clinical Management of Women
CoAEMSP - Chest Pain
CoAEMSP - Respiratory Distress and/or Failure
PANCE - Cardiovascular System
PANCE - Pulmonary System
CoAEMSP - Trauma (blunt, penetrating, burns, or hemorrhage)
PANCE - Musculoskeletal System
PANCE - Dermatologic System
ANP - Clinical Management of Adults
ANP - Clinical Management of Pediatrics
CoAEMSP - Abdominal Pain
PANCE - Gastrointestinal System/Nutrition

What’s included

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Course Author

Jaclyn Freese, MPAS, PA-C
Professor of Practice

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