ReelDx Internship - Fall 2023

Do you want to:

✅ Help advance the ReelDx movement to bring high-quality clinical education to the forefront of available preparation out there for future healthcare leaders?

✅ Further your clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills through research, content creation, and persuasive writing?

✅ Gain experience in understanding the logistics behind running a business?

✅ Meet and collaborate with like-minded pre-health individuals, as well as healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs?

If you answered yes to any, we want to know you! All students in college or beyond are welcome to apply.

You can RSVP now for the Fall 2023 ReelDx Internship. We will keep you posted as we finalize more information on the internship, such as the dates between which the intern period will run. Students who RSVP will gain early access to our application!

  • 5 volunteer hours per week = 60+ hours per cycle
  • Fully asynchronous, extremely flexible
  • Multiple opportunities for promotion into leadership positions
  • Opportunity for a strong letter of recommendation
  • Various teams to choose from that capitalize on different skills. Tasks include writing case-based questions, research, marketing, quality control, persuasive writing.

Job Details